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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

New me / Something new

I would say hello! but i'm going to write...Greetings people:

Where have i gone? that's a good question. Quick catch-up, I have now fully changed my name to Heavy-Ginger. As i am 99% pure ginger and i am a very heavy person to carry? :D

POSTS POSTS POSTS - Write ups will be coming soon! it's truly been a fast n busy year!

These are a mattee nail polish #Topshop and oil from link (L)ondon.
 I won't go into too much detail as i know that it could get truly dull but here you are and the red one really stands out.

will get back to my blog soon :( 

Friday, 22 August 2014



HELLO! fellows/friends
I may be crazy for doing this but i'm only having fun. i do not pretend to be anything else.

At first i didn't know what this was all about....
but as the days passed it has now gone CRAZY!!!!!!! as most celebrities and many other people around the world are starting to do it. I did the ice bucket challenge for a good cause and for all the people who are suffering from cancer or any other diseases. i also did it because i felt like it.

Some people might not know what the rules are or whats it about
Ice bucket challenge is where you are supporting people with cancer or diseases.
Real Life People who have cancer or diseases have to face that.
while we are facing the cold bucket of ice and trying support them.

ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE didn't really come with rules
It's one of those things {YOU JUST DO IT} So here's what you do.

1.You nominate 3 or 10 people.
2.You get a big fat bucket.
3.Fill the bucket with water and loads of ice.
4.get someone to take photo or video it.
5.You either get someone to pour it onto you or do it yourself.
6.You have now completed the ice bucket challenge.

Oh geez .. well this is my bucket right here!


This is me. I can completely 100% say i have done the Ice Challenge & 
i've nominated a few people such as @Alexa @Rochellee @Helen 

I also want to nominate a few Blogs / Bloggers to do the ice challenge.
-  - sarah harrison's blog

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Far Far Away

To a place called spain

HOLA  means hello in englush!  
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! it's been the best summer so far!!!! I went with my LOVELY JOVELY family on the 18th of June #holiday. Did i enjoy it? Thats A BIG (Yes) I liked where i was staying for 3 weeks in an apartment@ So........ yeah! Going as a family can be crazy but it's worth it. It was great to all be together! Yes; We had our moments but that what makes it a holiday.This is the honest truth... i just don't like going on planes at all. Sadly.. :( i kind of panic... as i know im high up in the sky it kind.. of scares me alot. I'm Scared of heights dunno why dunno how just am.. #don'tlikeIT #scarythought

guess planes are not for everyone. Here is a few pictures that i thought i would show/share with you! beautyGEMS! or bloggies. This is what i've been up too & this is my life. :)
Song i've played Torn - Natalie Imbruglia old but its good!

 I was on top of the world
Staying High in the sky

Some people are just so creative
This isn't my sandcastle but it sure is amazing s

Enjoying alittle bit of the sun as i'm very pale indeed. pahaha! can't beat this weather.

So i'm not a big fan of water slides as i get very scared but i tried it for the first time & fell in love with it.The water was pretty cold like the sea but it was good as i had sunburn. i couldn't really complain. It was brilliant!

Where flowers bloom so does ''hope'' 
I found many flowers throughout the city called almeria :) '

fire away oopsy i got abit crazy here! as you can see..

I'm still on my feet... This city's full of life~
This EVENT IS CALLED THE - BONFIRES OF SAINT JOHN  Starts on the 23- 24 of June.
I have never experienced or seen anything so beautiful in my life.I only just found out today that this is a every year kind of celebration on the beach.The spanish collect all the wood and start a fire OR they light candles & walk down the streets of spain. Me and my lovely jovely family joined the bonfires on the beach~~

We also had a BBQ on the beach during the event of the bonfire night.

I love those random moments/memories that make me smile~ ^^ (i really do)
Having a Wonderful Party on the beach 
@us girls by the end of the night.
Great Moments = Great pictures.

if you never try to get on a plane! You'll never know~

Hope you have a JOLLY GOOD DAY.
I've been a BusyBee i haven't been able to write a post for ages
well here it is after all this time!@!@!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bright & Quirky

long time no see! 

I have to admit i never had this many candles in my life....weird right??!?!?!? i know...I've just only started using candles this month for the 1st time freaky stuff.. indeed! well.. let me tell you alittle bit about these candles!!@! They look and smell amazing!!!!! arghhhhhhh..... i can't believe i'm going to say this but oh well.. 100% honest... i hate lighting up candles.. I don't why i'm just scared... maybe it's because i'm just not used to it. But yah! make sure to ask for help from an adult if your young.Once they are empty! it's amazing what you can do with them as you can store anything inside there e.g things you like...  / candy,  / hairbands, / small hair clips, / bobby pins, / cotton wool, / earbuds, / coins, / rings, / kitchen herbs, / sugar scrub,  / sea shells, /   ~scroll down :)

This candle was my favourite 100%
It's called: Pink PassionFruit@

do you like candles? what type?
send me pictures or tell me what you stored inside your jars!!@!@! 

I kept loosing my hairbands all the time... i was dropping them and forgetting where i put them. So i stored them in this candle Jar. great idea right??????? i haven't lost any hairbands since as they are all kept in one place where i can see them.It's so twee. 

I have currently got 6 (plain empty candle jars)
Yes; sadly.. i'm a big softie for sweets. Your never too old for sweets (end of story) 
 I know people say sweets are NOT good for your teeth but once in awhile doesnt hurt.

I love, my big cuddly bear... #cat  
i would like to tankooo you for reading my bloggie post it means thee world to meh~
i'll be going away next month 18th JUNE. i wish i could tell you.. but i will save that for another day~

Well i Hope you have a JOLLY GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!! :)
cheerio.. seeee you soon~
~K.waity xox

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentine Bakeware

*--Happy Valentines Day--*
with (LOTS OF LOVE) don't forget to smile!!!!!!!

I'm not amazing! at cooking but this was pretty Simple & Easy.
Yummy & Delicious. #goodluck
How to make chocolate hearts for that special someone! & it's great for getting your family + kids together #working as a team ha ha! GOOD IDEA. Nothing can beat chocolate!!!!!! as it tastes amazing! most people really enjoy it big or small. If you like this idea and want to see more ideas like this please tell me! LETS GET STARTED WITH THIS HEARTY POST!!!! Did you know? that You & Your boyfriend Could make this together on Valentines Day!! WOOHoo @@

heres a few love songs that i think you will enjoy!!!!
Gorgon City - Ready for your love
Mcfly - Love is on the radio
Rudimental - Feel the love
Clean bandit - Rather Be
Beyonce - Love on top
whitney huston i will always love you
Beyonce single ladies

How To Make Chocolate Mould hearts!!!@!@!@! 

1.  I (KatieeWaity)  got this from a store called Aldi
 yes it was a good price & worth it.I'm pretty sure you can get these bakewares anywhere.

2. I melted the milk chocolate &
I also melted the white chocolate. 
Make sure you get help from an adult when cooking this as it might be hot. :)

3. Then i poured all the melted chocolate into the hearts. YES IT GOT ALITTLE MESSY!
#smileyface oh well.. 

5. I put these inside while the chocolate was melted you can also 
Add glitter or Add icing on top when chocolate hard

4. I personally would put the chocolates in the freezer! as it goes hard much more faster 
when your in a hurry like me & can't wait to eat them D: ha ha!  BUT.. 
If you're going out all day i recommend you putting it in the fridge. #smileyface

You can make them any size you want. 
chunky or skinny hearts

This is the finish look! you can put the chocolates in anything you want (UP TO YOU)
cup or bowl 
or a small little bag ready for your special date! 

Not sure! Where i got this heart thingy from..
 but i thought it looks cute in my room as valentines day is almost here & i just love candles. ^^

Next Time: i will be making cupcakes & something with marshmellows - coming soon.
Hope this has gave you some LOVELY ideas.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


 I'm apart of the blogger Challenge! i have to write about books that i had or liked. sadly i am indeed a bookworm. As i love a happy ever after  (Ending). I thought it was time to show (YOU) what books i enjoyed when i was 6-7 years old. When i was very little i spent most of my time reading fairy tales/books i had them through out my little childhood life MAYBE you did two? Anyways... ha ha! I will try not to make this post too long as it might make you alittle BORED P.S hope you enjoy this. :)
The books i used to read... 
When i was little i do indeed.. remember my mum reading these books... 
  • The tale of Peter Rabbit.
  • Lauras star.
  • The Secret Garden Book.
  • Cinderella.
  • Harry Potter book.
I used to like so many books! i dunno WHY?!?! i guess... I found them very magical and interesting at the time.Even today i like to read a few books such as novels & many more. Ha ha! i'm such a bookworm it's untrue.. ahh :)

 My all time favourites
Good! For you Teenagers 15-16-17  years old.
  • Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver
  • Marked - House Of Night
  • Saving Wishes G.J. Walker Smith
  • Hobbit
  • Before I Go To Sleep - S.J Watson
What is your favourite book?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Typical Skincare Routine


My skin is not perfect! Never has been & never will be... but it's good enough for me to handle at the moment..It's really important to remember that nothing is perfect! many people find it really hard to like or love their skin as they might have acne or many other skin problems. I was going to start my blogpost with a *FOOD* mask but then i thought.. nah.. i never put food on my face..but I've heard lemon is good for the skin *DON'T TRY IT* but that's what people say... i don't know if it's true... D:  
i should try lemon on my face to see if it works #blogspot :D 
The magical things i use to clean my Face with....  is pretty smelly ha ha! & pretty strong stuff not gonna lie But... it does wake you up in the morning & it sure does work. I know some.. products may not work for everyone that is reading this & i am *Sorry* I really hope you find what your looking for... If you don't find anything please tell me what you want to see next time on my blog. I do indeed sleep with my make-up on i know it's bad!!!! D: terrible... ha ha! I know that I'm not alone. many people do it.. i dunno why .. i guess we get very lazy as there is just so many products to put on the face ha ha! Yep sadly I'm one of those people who does get lazy ''sometimes'' I'm being truthful! So i thought i would tell you what I've started doing to get rid of all makeup & dirt that hangs on my face.  (DAILY)

My routine is very simple & a bit crazy especially when it's winter.
I do this Day & Night. bare in mind i don't always use the same products which is bad ha ha! 
But oh well.....
 Lets get started!
2. Brush my teeth
3. Say hello to my BUDDY (DOG)
5. Wash my hands
6. Face Wash
7. Exfoliate *Once a week*
8. Cleanser & Toner (all in one) *Product*
9. Moisturiser
10. Lip balm *DAILY*
11. wear makeup *SOMETIMES*

So.. yeah! my skincare routine has had a change as it's getting darker & much colder. 
Sadly i'm not going to use these products *FOREVER* 
however.. I will  use the products up until they are all empty.

What is your skin type?
 I get a few spots just like everybody else. ^.^

This is how my dog! Greetings me in the morning! ha ha! :)

This stuff smells strong& it does it's magic. (TEA TREE) is from superdrug!!!!!!
It sure does get rid of my spots slowly.
My Exfoliate for the face!
Smells like yogurt i just love it in the morning! ha ha! it also just makes me hungry (WEIRD)

This is my Moisturiser by soap & Glory.  Also great for the BODY.
This makes my face so soft!!! OH MY ......... from boots.

Leave best to last!
ha ha! this is my all time favourite as you might know. 
It smells like chocolate & It's AMAZING FOR THE LIPS. 
Got this from BLUSH i mean *LUSH*

My buddy looks like he is smiling.. well it seems i must end this blogpost now :)

I'm not alone Yay! ha ha! I am apart of the 2014 challenge as you might already know. I (KATIEEWAITY) thought i would show you a few Blogs that have posted their skincare. #Enjoy

                     If you have sensitive skin i recommend : that you do not try this Routine at home.
                                               Hope you have a JOLLY GOOD DAY. 

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54.What Is Skin?

Friday, 10 January 2014

HELLOJanuary | MyFavourites

Heyy, it's me *Katie Waity*
Welcome to my small little haul post.
I loveJanuary Just i hate the ''weather'' As you know some places are getting alot of rain & snow.I'm not a weather lady or anything but i just wanna make my point clear that this weather is getting out control in some parts of the world (BAD) I hope you all stay Safe & Warm.Lets get started with my post: I have got a few things that i've had through out Christmas that has lasted me up until January. Thought it was a great time to show you things that i (KATIE Waity) have currently been loving. using & Adoring. .Today my post will knock your socks off....  I HOPE you ENJOY!!!


I saw this amazing penguin on Lilya rose website. 
I got Free deilery & The ipod case was £1.43! 
Another big Thank you Lilya rose for this penguin ipod case.
Her website is here: 

Personally i think this greentea is great for bad colds & keeping you warm. it also smells really nice.
This is gonna sound weird but i only just started to drink this (GREENTEA)
I hate any other Tea's end of story.

My rose lights were given to me on christmas. I really love them!!!! OH MY GODDD.
 & i only found out they are from next!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #AMAZING
I'm going to be honest with you it was really hard to put the batteries inside this little thingy to make the flower lights come on. There is only 10 flower lights! D: i wouldnt say there is loads But... it's cute & I'm very pleased with it. :)

This brings out my Eyebrows from #benefit
It's Really GOOD! Was Half Price totally worth it. It's like a highlighter!!

AMAZING!!!!!! From primark. Gives a nice glow to the face & Neck area. 

Chocolate lip balm@
I use this daily & it is great for thewinter when your lips tend to get dry 
through the cold & rainy weather. Smells nice & well i just love it!!!!!!! ahhh. haha :D

 Hopefully i make a big nail polish collection by 2014. I really love BarryM
I've been using these two nail polishs non stop.  these are great for the summer@

THIS Hand Cream IS AMAZING is AMAZING!!! i love it.
it's from superdrug price went down on boxing day. -SMELLS GREAT! 

Uh oh soap & glory is here.
I just love butter body lotion SO MUCH!!!!! #Smileyface
whats your thoughts on this>

Oh snap! I almost forgot i hope you have a GREAT DAY | MONTH!!! #smileyface
If you have any questions about the products or about blogpost please ask.
Hope you have a JOLLY GOOD DAY.
~K.Waity ^.^ xoxo